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G770 doesn't boot after rescue partitions were deleted


I like having a separate partition for my data, so I shrank the partition containing the preinstalled Windows 7 program and created an additional partition using PartedMagic. During this process, I deleted the rescue partitions as I don't intend to use them. Now the laptop doesn't boot at all. I made a backup of the Master Boot Record (MBR) and the rescue partitions, but reverting to those has no effect. After I removed the HDD my system could boot from CD. With the HDD installed I ended up with a black screen after POST. I want to (re)install and boot Windows. How do I make my laptop boot again with the HDD installed?



There could be additional hidden partitions which had not been deleted earlier.


Enter BIOS and check the boot order of the storage devices to ensure the CD / DVD is higher on the list than the HDD or try pressing F12 during boot up to bring up a list of boot devices.  You can then select the option to boot from DVD.



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linuxhelp On 2019-06-10, 9:07 AM

try to press the small button next to the on button to recover the system

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