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Bought my son a g50-45 laptop with win 8 64 bit about 2 years ago...warranty expired and sure enough, it stopped working. On startup, first see black Lenovo splashscreen, then a blue warning window that says "default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key. Then select boot manager to choose a new Boot Device or to Boot Recovery Media"  I do not have " recovery media" win cd with purchase and my kid doesnt remember creating one (this was a birthday gift to him) . Ive tried the Lenovo "recovery button" which alledgedly accesses a recovery partition on the harddrive, but does not work. Ive been told to get a recovery usb, but Lenovo warranty expired so they have not helped. The maching does not boot up...where can i get a windows 8 64bit recovery usb??? Any help will ve greatly appreciated!!!

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It sounds like the hard drive has gone south from what you describe, which would also explain why the NOVO button is not working, since the recovery partition resides on the same hard drive as Windows.


A new hard drive is going to cost about 50-70 bucks depending on the size, and the speed of the drive (5400 rpm or 7,200 rpm), just make sure it is the same size, or larger than the one that died.   


Most likely your system came with either a 500GB or 1TB drive, but will say on the existing drive if you cannot remember.


You can order a recovery drive from lenovo (for a small fee since it is out of warranty) to use to recovery the system to its factory state, even if the system is out of warranty, by calling Lenovo's US Support number 1-855-253-6686.     If they refuse to do so I would be very surprised, because such lack of support would certainly discourage customers from choosing Lenovo in the future.  


You can also just download Windows 8.1  installation media directly from Microsoft for free, but that will just install Windows 8.1, and will not reinstall any software that came with the laptop when new, so the recovery media might be the best option since it will restore the laptop to its factory new state. 


Note:  The Windows 8.1 product key needed to activate Windows is embedded in the BIOS of the laptop, so it will be located by the Windows installer automatically during installation.


Create Windows Installation Media


The hard drive is pretty easy to replace; you just need to remove the battery and the base cover as shown on page 37 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual.


I would be very interested to hear back on whether you succeeded in obtaining recovery disks from support.


Best of Luck,

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