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Hardware Scan Warning - what do the codes WHD00V000-HK9Z1J and WWF00F000-HK9Z1J mean?


I ran a Hardware Scan on my laptop (G500S) and a couple of warnings came up. It didn't give me any detail on what the warnings were, just result codes. How do I find out what the codes mean?


The two codes I got were:

  • SMART Short Self Test - Warning - Result code WHD00V000-HK9Z1J
  • Local connection test - Warning - Result code WWF00F000-HK9Z1J

Is there a lookup table somewhere so I can find out what these warnings are?



The image below is the breakdown on how the LSC error codes mean.

  - Link to picture


The SMART Self-Test Unit means that the diagnostic utility failed to read some certain sectors on the drive and predicted an imminent HDD failure.


As for the Local Connection Test - Warning error, this article states that:


These warnings appear due to the state of the network your PC is connected to and not the state of the wireless LAN hardware in the PC.  For example, the user may not be connected to a wireless LAN network or the wireless LAN network may not have access to the internet.


These warning messages do not indicate a hardware issue.  No hardware should be replaced as a result of these warnings.


If you encounter this it is recommended that you send the unit for service.


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