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The auto hardware scan on my laptop returned a fail result and the error code was 




What does this mean, and what should I do?



The  WHD01V01I-BK7Z1F error is a result code from the Lenovo Solutions Center which may indicate a failing HDD (hard disk drive)


   - LSC Error Code Breakdown

   - Sample image


You can verify errors found on the drive by running another HDD utility  (e,g., HDTune) to verify its health.



If you get errors on HDTune then you will need to contact support (for warranty service) or you can try and replace it yourself and get a replacement drive as it'll definitely fail sooner or later.


Support phone list



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I am not sure if this is the place but i purchased a new computer last week and have today run a hardware scan which i was told i needed to do by Lenovo. The result of scan was that hardware passed every test except the Mathematics Operations Test. Other than telling me that, there was no information about if this is serious and needs to be resolved or indeed any indication as to to resolve it.


Is there anyone who can offer advice regarding this issue?




I have exactly the same problem.  I hope someone can comment on this.


Hi I have the same issue, failed at (Mathematical Operations Test of video card).
My model is i7 6th generation CPU, model Y700-14isk. The code


Device: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520.

Hope there is someone can comment on this.