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Help please

I need help please. I've had a Lenovo B575 laptop for the past six or so months and I never had problems with it. Until about a month ago, it began to freeze a lot and start up would take up to 30 minutes. I defragmented it, checked the registry (even that had some issues) and did everything I could do (according to my not so vast knowledge). Two of my brothers told me it might be a problem with the hard drive so one of them lent me a small 40 GB hard drive. I switched them out and my laptop began to run fine. But I need more space, I don't like having such little space. I want to buy a new hard drive but I don't know what to get. The laptop had a 320GB 5400RPM Hard Drive and 4GB DDR3 RAM. Should I get an identical hard drive? Or should I get a 7200RPM drive, since I've heard it can run faster. And also the memory. Should I upgrade to 8GB? Please help. And also, how can I get the same OS it was running on before? It was Windows  7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit and I didn't get buy the warranty so I don't think I can call, and the laptop never came with any CDs. Any help is appreciated because I have a flight during early May and I want to be able to take my laptop.



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Re: Help please

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Hi Alice,


You should be able to check your warranty on-line. The "SUPPORT" icon at the top of the page, then "IdeaPad IdeaCentre" in the middle of the page, then "Warranty Status" in the middle of the page.  Enter your country and serial number.  If that fails to provide information, or as a double-check, call support.


United States English 1-877-4 Lenovo (1-877-453-6686) 24 hours a day
7 days a week
IdeaPad, Lenovo 3000


If the machine is under warranty, definitely call.  If support determines that you have a failing drive they should be able to help you.  You will probably want to put the old drive back in the machine for this. [edit] Support can provide install media.  They may or may not charge for this depending on your situation.


It is intended that you burn your own recovery media (for reinstall) using One Key Recovery.  If your drive is failing, that may not be possible.  You can use your existing Windows product key to activate a "vanilla" install from Microsoft media, which you can download:  Legal Resources for Downloading Windows 7 [edit] You have to install the same version for which the machine was originally licensed.  32 or 42 bit doesn't matter.


I'm not sure what the B575 warranty is "file not found..." and I don't speak for Lenovo.  Give them a call.



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