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I don't want bluetooth as I have security concerns. I have tried to simply uninstall Bluetooth Radios in Device Manager but as soon as I start the machine up again they are automatically reinstalled.


How do I get rid of Bluetooth Radios so that they NEVER come back? Also how do I uninstall anything else related to Bluetooth?





The Device is attached to the computer physically so you will not be able to remove it from being detected via Device Manager without actually removing the device from the system.  Some bluetooth cards are separate while others may be integrated.   Physical removal is typically not recommended or required.


What you can do is to disable it from Device Manager.


Open Device Manager look for the Bluetooth Radios icon open it and right click and select disable. Do this on all items under the bluetooth icon.



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I have a Lenovo Z50-75 and with the new actualization of the windows 10, I can't find my bluetooth mouse that works before this actualization. I already install the driver for Bluetooth and Modem for my laptop but at the end of the process it saids "No Appropriate Driver to be installed"


Can someone help me please.

Thank you!