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How can I prevent my B50 computer from automatically sleeping or hibernating?

I am using a B50 for continous recording because of the space and power consumption reasons. I followed various instruxtions to turn off the sleep and hibernation. However in spite of doing everything possible, it goes into sleep/hybernation after about 48 hours and I have to go to the computer to restart it. 

The following are the current settings:



Turn off display                                                 Never                                   Never

Put computer to sleep                                    Never                                   Never


Change advanced power settings:

                                                                                Battery                                 Plugged in

My Custom plan 1

                Requires PW on wake up             No                                         No

Hard Disk

                Turn off                                            Never                                   Never


                Javascript Timer frequency          Max                                      Max

Desktop Background setting

                Slideshow                                         Available                             Available

Wireless Adapter setting

                Power saving mode                        Max Performance             Max Perf


                Sleep after                                         Never                                  Never

                Allow hybrid sleep                           off                                         off

                Hibernate after                                 Never                                   Never

                Allow wake timer                             Enable                                  Enable

USB Setting

                USB selective suspend setting       Enabled                                Enabled

Intel(R) Graphic setting

                Power Plan                                         Max                                       Max

Power Button and Lid

                Lid close action                                  Do nothing                         Do Nothing

                Power Button action                         Shut Down                          Shut Down

PCI Express

                Link State Power management       Off                                         Off

Processor power management

                On Battery                                          5%                                          100%

                System cooling policy                      Active                                    Active

                Max Processor state                          100%                                     100%


                Turn off after                                       Never                                   Never

                Brightness                                           89%                                        84%

                Dimmed display brightness             50%                                        50%

                Enable adaptive brightness              Off                                         Off

Multimedia settings

                When sharing media                         Prevent idling to sleep   (both)

                When playing video                          Optimize video quality   (both)


                Critical Battery action                      Hibernate                            Hibernate

                Low battery level                              10%                                        10%

                Critical battery level                         5%                                          5%

                Low battery notification                  On                                          On

                Low battery action                            Do Nothing                         Do Nothing

                Reserve battery level                        7%                                          7%


I hope someone can spot a wrong setting I have made and rectify the situation.

Thank you in advance.

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