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I have a G530 4446 24G laptop with windows vista installed. I want to install win7 however I cannot access to BIOS menu by pressing lenovo care button. When I press that button, for just a second it seems like a new window will appear however the system continues to boot win vista. Aren't there any other ways to access BIOS menu?


For systems running Vista or Windows 7, the boot device menu, rather than BIOS is what needs to be accessed.


This function can be access by pressing  F12 during the startup of the system, before the Windows logo appears.  After the menu appears, choose the DVD drive and save and exit.


Watch for "press any key to boot from ..."

Press any key.

Win 7 installation will start.

You can format the hard drive when installing Win 7.



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i bought a z5170-c but i can not divide HD while installing windows 10

(windows cannot be installed to this disk.the selected disk has an mbr partition table .....)

shft+f10 doesnt work

please tell me the solution.


Greetings... Hey, try to press "hidden" button that lenovo has... It usualy looks like a small circle;button that can be pressed only with something thick. It is called Novo button. Check it out, it may help you. PS. If you find it, it is usualy pressed when laptop is shutdown, so you turn it on with that button, and it gives you startup options, as in link shows below


smaller.jpg     Click (Learn about Novo button)
     Click (How to find Novo button) 



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Problem:  Lenovo G50-45.  I have a Microsoft approved W10 Pro image on a flash drive but I can't manipulate the BIOS settings to that the USB drive is recognized in the boot order. Only the HD and ODD are available.  I changed the BIOS boot order to Legacy first and disabled Secure Boot.  Instructions that came with the image said that the USB drive must be formated as NTFS but other general online suggestions state that the format must be FAT32.  The current OS is W10 Home.  Any suggestions?