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How to disable power beep when power cord is plugged in or unplugged

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Started ‎09-20-2011 by
Modified ‎09-21-2011 by


I have a Lenovo G530 and every time I plug or unplug the power cord, it makes a loud beep sound.


I have muted the speakers and even checked in the bios, but it still beeps really loudly.


I noticed that if i plug my headphones in it doesn't beep, but I don't want to plug my headphones in every time I go to plug in or unplug my computer.


I am running windows 7 profession x86


Depending on the model system, there are several ways to eliminate this beep. One of the method is to mute the speaker, but this will limit the ability  to hear other system sounds if you do this. Another choice is to disable the power beep in BIOS and which will allow other sounds to continue to be audible.  Most newer models support this BIOS feature.


1) Mute the speaker:

- Click on the 'Speaker' icon on the Taskbar (the volume slider control should popup)

- Click on the 'Speaker' icon on top of the Volume slider control

- On the new window that opens, click on the Levels tab

- Click (de-select) on the 'PC Speaker' mute checkbox


2) Disable the power beep in bios 

(This is based on B570) 


- Press F2 (different machines may have different button. Check the system user manual)

- Go to "Configuration"

- Look for Power Beep

- Choose the option 'Disable'

- Hit F12 to save the changes and exit bios


B570 bios power beep disable.jpg