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Lenovo Staff
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My ideaPad has pre-installed Windows 7. Now I want to format my laptop and install a fresh copy of Windows XP. However, I have some general questions:


1) In future, if I want to change my OS to window 7, how could I do that? I haven't received any installation or windows 7 setup CD with my lenovo laptop.


2) Is there any warranty void if I fomat my laptop and change OS?


1) You can burn recovery media discs on your own. Please read oneKey Recovery user manual or take a look at this Knowledge base article: How to create "Factory Default Recovery Disc" with OneKey Recovery


Note: If there is no factory default backup, you can create one as soon as you receive your laptop. Later, you may start creating recovery discs based on this backup before format the OS.


2) It does not void warranty. However, if a repair service is needed, sometimes a preloaded OS is required.

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i have a lenovo y500 with windos vista basic preinstalled....with one key if i upgrade my OS to win 7 and then in future if press the one key recovery button would the win vista basic be recovered again....

and what if i plan to resize the other partition on my laptop without any OS installed and try to install another version of windows or ubuntu on it...would that affect the one key recovery....????