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Fanfold Paper
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How to upgrade a G570 instead of buying a new laptop!

Hello Guys, I ll try to help you with transforming your old laptop to a monster based on my true experiences... I decided to upgrade my G570 instead of buying a new laptop a few months ago. The reason was I was satisfied with my laptop and new ones did not have the specs which I had in my mind. And of course the laptops suitable for my demands were around $2000 cycle. I have understood the most important part of a PC is its harddisk when it comes to performance!. I have been using PCs for almost 17 years and I tried to upgrade my ram and hdd all the time like % 90 of normal pc users on earth. A friend of mine who is an IT engineer adviced me to use SSD instead of HDD. So I searched the net about how to upgrade my HDD to SSD. You can do it on your own following this beautiful guide I bought 2 sodimm 1333 4 gb rams and changed the old rams with them. Then I changed my HDD with a 120 gb SSD which is highly enough for today's technology. The result is my windows 7 welcomes me in 7 seconds ! I could not believe my eyes... Then I bought a DVD burner to HardDisk transformer bracket which you can easily find on the market. I put out the dvd drive and put my old 500 gb harddisk into there. Now I have 2 harddisks on my G570... Now I am looking for ways to upgrade my processor to i7 though I dont need it...Just to finish my work... This way I have a super fast laptop spending about $ 250 instead of buying a new laptop for $ 1500-2500
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Re: How to upgrade a G570 instead of buying a new laptop!

Hi phadeon,


It's nice to see a laptop given a new lease on life.


Kudos for your post.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: How to upgrade a G570 instead of buying a new laptop!

Thanks Dave, I only tried to think different and it just worked fine. After buying 8 laptops I got something too important: Buying a new pc is not always the best solution. Yeah we have a new system but every system comes with its own problems and sometimes I miss my old pcs. I hope this will help some ppl to decide about what to succeed with small budgets. By the way, I have talked to lenovo support technicans and they told me this mainboard and cpu is optimized for the best performance so upgrading this cpu might cause possible break down of the mainboard so I wont upgrade my cpu. To be honest, I really dont need that at the moment. Loves to all...
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Re: How to upgrade a G570 instead of buying a new laptop!

I just upgrade to SSD too . I did move the shield over it too ... but I installed win8 preview release and debian

but the fan is still noisy , was the heat sink dirty ? how did you clean up ?



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Re: How to upgrade a G570 instead of buying a new laptop!

The SSD drive is by far the most bang for your buck performance wise whenever upgrading any computer. The negligible access times added to the 20 time increase in speed over rotating drives removes the major I/O bottleneck in any system. You can also install your DVD drive in a slim external USB case and store it in you laptop bag so you still have the capacity to work with antique optical media in the rare occasion you may find it necessary. They have those on eBay for 10 bucks or so. These days those occasions are farther in between as optical disks are heading for the great digital beyond with the VCRs and cassette tapes... I love those hard drive caddies they came up with to replace the DVD drives with hard drives. The additional hard drive is far more valuable then an obsolete DVD burner just wasting the space. It allows you to install the SSD drive easily too. You can install the SSD drive in the caddy first then use Acronis to transfer your operating system directly to the SSD without requiring you to totally reinstall your op sys and drivers. Then you just swap the SSD into the main drive and the original into the caddy to be used for the bulk media storage delegating the SSD to the operating system and applications that require the fast storage real estate. 7 seconds is an impressive time to boot for a laptop though...

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