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IdeaPad G/Z/P: Keyboard Fn + F1-F12 swap


How can I swap the F1-F12 button functionality with the Fn functions? I do not want to press Fn+[mute volume] everytime I want to hit F1 etc. I read somewhere that there is an option which changes this in BIOS, however, that applies only for other Lenovo series and not mine G510.

It is really tough for me as I'd like to have my keyboard to function like a conventional key with out have to hit FN all the time. In some instances If I'm playing a game and require to use the F4 key, my system closes the application as it detects it as a close funtion key.


This specific issue is limited to some models of G/Z/P series of unable to achieve the traditional function by pressing F1 to F12 directly. 


Should your machine falls under the caterogy of G, Z or P series, a BIOS update is required to address this issue.

Please view the below solutions.


Lenovo G400\G500: update BIOS to 2.01 version or above.
Lenovo G405s\G505s: update BIOS to 2.03 version or above.
Lenovo G400s\G500s: update BIOS to 2.02 version or above.
Lenovo Z400\Z500\P500:  update BIOS to 1.21 version or above.
Lenovo G405\G505:  update BIOS to 2.04 version or above.
Lenovo G410\G510: update BIOS to 3.05 version or above.


Further details on the solution can be found in the below link - our Lenovo Support site.



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ITdoctors On 2014-03-22, 9:24 AM


i had lenovo G410 i am using windows 7 oem i can,t adjust the brightness properly using fn+key, i already install latest update bios new ver. lenovo  power management, then latest driver, but im try to use windows 8 oem the unit no problem all device function properly.


The big question is this model not supported other device specially brightness adjustment in windows 7?


Im already try to  testing 4 unit of this model but same problem........

ITdoctors On 2014-03-26, 3:26 AM



Any idea how to solve this problem?

pe2s On 2014-12-01, 17:01 PM

hi , i cannot update my bios, whenever i try to install it, the update said this BIOS is not for your Notebook PC, my notebook is lenovo G400s, i'm pretty sure of it

Joestinof On 2015-01-22, 0:43 AM

I have the same problem, i used the bios update but i can only "enable" and "disable" the fn keys. There is no option to swap the F1-F12 keys with the FN keys. Anyone knows a solution for that?

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