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IdeaPad hangs or is stuck with a "Please Wait" screen when Win 7 boots up


When the laptop is booting into Windows, the laptop gets stuck or hung with a  "Please Wait" message displayed on the Windows screen.  




The symptom may develop on a V470/V570 laptop with the fingerprint reader - where a PLEASE WAIT message will appear, after boot, before the LOGON screen.   It is also possible that this can occur on some B470 / B570 models


The full solution is described on our support site here.  Please follow the link and follow the instructions.


A previous work-around solution maybe to uninstall VeriFace. 


If you are stuck at the PLEASE WAIT screen,after successive reboots,

reboot and go into plain SAFE mode,

start windows explorer and go to C: program files x86,

and rename EgisTech Bioexcess folder to something else.  (This prevents the service from starting when you reboot, and it's the service that appears to be causing the hang condition)


Then reboot to Win and uninstall VeriFace.

Then rename that Egistec folder and reboot,  and your fingerprint app should be fine, and  subsequent boots should be fine.






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tinylilron On 2011-09-07, 20:51 PM

If problem persist, do check the if there were any software which you have installed recently which might have cause this. If there is, when booting up the PC, select the "Use last known good configuration".


How do you select "use last known good configuration"?  When can I select that?

tinylilron On 2011-09-08, 2:25 AM

@ Kris:  I tried this and it did not work for me... Is there something that I am missing?

raven_a On 2011-11-19, 2:59 AM

You can try the options below. Item #1 worked on my Lenovo V570. I'm just not sure if IBM/Lenovo has already released a fix for the Egis (Veriface) drivers. I have not seen anything as of this post.









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