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Ideapad G500 Keyboard & Touchpad problems

Hello everyone,

I've been really annoyed with this issue for quite a long time (8 months approx.) but since I need my laptop for school purposes, I just though I'll complain to Lenovo by their phone line and use my warranty (which I still have; I don't really know how to say it better) when this school year is over.

Now to the issues, I'll skip more unimportant babbling.

The first and biggest issue is that my keyboard and touchpad will randomly turn off and the only thing that can make them work again is sleeping and waking the laptop or running my "driver restarter script" which will terminate ELAN tasks and launch them again. Another solution is to click turn of & off in the touchpad manager until it comes on again or the most extreme one is restarting the whole laptop. USBs (WI-FI and most likely everything else), work just fine so I can generally do the "easy" way with help of my mouse.
EDIT: There's also this beeping sound whenever I try to turn the touchpad on and off during this issue.

The severity of this issue is that it can't be predicted in any way (or at least I think so). It can happen once a day, once a three days or even ten times in mere five minutes. Sometimes is enough to restart ELAN tasks one time, sometimes I need to do it like twenty times and still nothing (I sleep the laptop then, obviously).

Another "minor" issues are: the fan will go off for no reason, this happens really rarely and thus I don't care, usually it's enough to turn the dust clearing mode on & off and the fan works again. The laptop also sometimes have issues with monitoring battery and it's telling me that it has 0% (when it had 60% just a moment ago) and in hand with this come brigtness shifts (maybe even the PC thinking that power cable was disconnected from). Again, this happenes even more rarely and it's the least severe thing. I can't really remember it right, it migh be two issues mashed together.
It stared in August/September 2014, about a month after the first complain (that related to HDD dying). After my laptop came back I just installed Windows 8.1 (64-bit), coppied my personal data and continued to use my laptop happily. Then the issue with keyboard & touchpad appeared out of nowhere. I could bear it, til now. I would be compaining directly at the Lenovo support line, but as I said, I can't do without my laptop at this time.

Now what I tried:

I tried installing Linux (this time it was Kubuntu 14.10) and I was happy that I had no issues like that. Then it happened even there.
I tried purging both keyboard and touchpad drivers (more precisely purging them from Device Manager and let OS find needed drivers with next boot). That didn't help either. I also uninstalled ELAN driver (both separately and in hand with purning everything) and that was of no use either.
After each action like this I performed registry and "junk" scans via CCleaner.
Ultimately I reinstalled the whole OS - that was at the time of Christmas holiday. Nope, still nothing. I even ran the laptop for a while without even installing ELAN drivers, but again, nothing.
I didn't bother (after previous experiences) with installing webcam driver, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, WLAN drivers and I belive I also excluded the Intel Management Engine. I don't think this could have anything to do with this since I've done this for a much longer period of time. Also my BIOS was updated with my HDD being replaced.

I'm really desperate now since I have no idea what could cause this behaviour.
I believe it's not driver related nor OS related, but rather somehow hardware related. Maybe something wrong with motherboard/some issues between BIOS and the rest of peripherals? I'm just guessing, I'm not that big computer expert.

Thank you for your time and possible replies. ^^

Laptop specs: Pentium 2020M, Radeon 8570M 2GB, 4GB RAM, no OS preinstalled.
More here. (in Czech)

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