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LENOVO G50-70 Charging circuit issue

Hi I have the following problem in my G50-70 Laptop

1. While charging the battery ,  sometimes power supply suddenly stops although the charger is plugged in..The behavior is totally erratic ..There is no can stop taking power anytime and then the laptop has to draw power from battery...sometimes if i leave the laptop without using it for 3-4 days and will plug it then it will charge smoothly to 100% the battery and will work fine for few hours...but again after sometimes it will stop getting power from charger..sometimes it blinks also like after every few seconds power coming and going as if u are switching off and on the power switch but eventually it will stop getting power from charger..


2. I tried calibrating my use.


3. I removed the battery and tried working on direct power supply stopped taking power after 1 hour and switched off


What i suspect is that some IC in the power suppply circuit has malfunctioned and when i'm overusing it and it gets heats up then only it stops taking power from outside...may be a capacitor or a fuse or a MOSFET.....


KINDLY RESOLVE THIS ISSUE and also share Lenovo G50-70 Schematic circuit diagram for the CHARGING and battery section displaying correct amount of Voltages at every ICs output and input  so that i can check on my own..... 

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