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Laptop cannot access most BIOS features


I have a brand new Lenovo G510 runs Windows 7 Ultimate 64.  I'm trying to get into the BIOS to view things like my memory timing but I also need to get into the system monitor for I can view temperature readings and also access and adjust fan speeds.


I can boot into some kind of BIOS using either the little Lenovo button, or by mashing F2, but neither of these BIOS pages are nearly as robust as my desktop BIOS settings have been.


This is my first ever laptop so maybe this is normal. But it is frustrating to be told to change fan speeds by going into a menu which I can't even view, let alone modify.  Hopefully this is just user error and not something related to the system.


This is quite normal for an OEM laptop system.


Unlike desktops which have a lot of BIOS settings, laptops only have few especially for OEM laptops where most of the settings are preset and non-viewable inside the BIOS.


Below  is a link for BIOS screen hots of  Lenovo systems and you might find same settings in every system



There are users who tried unlocking / modding the BIOS (you can look it up online) but there are a lot more to it, and may cause serious damage to the system if done wrong.


 It is highly recomended to use the system as it is. There are TEMP monitor software like HWmonitor to check GPU and CPU Temperature. 

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rocket2014 On 2014-08-18, 9:43 AM

I have v520 and that soulution not help me , I need to update bios by dos or access to other features to update my bios , my device stuck on loading windows screen , also u can check this link for more deatils . thanks 

flactem On 2016-01-27, 20:43 PM

Hello Cieo_Lenovo...   


I'm posting this comment  b/c I'm mis-understanding your answer...  I've just posted this: 




I'm quite SHOCKED any OEM MFR would even consider development of a product that locks the customer out of such a VITAL feature (BIOS/CMOS)..   Moreover one that maintains control over how one can or cant control the most imortant primary functions of a high-priced product..   


Espcially since I had access to these features...  but now dont, that dosen't seem to make much sense...   Also I'm quite sure that if this most important aspect of the OEM MFR (BIOS/CMOS) issue or Lack thereof was disseminated to all customers at point of sale...  NO1 would've purchased these laptops...   



If possible could you please elaborate as too the OEM MFR resoning for not providing Bios access after having it..?  maybe I mis-read your answer..


thanks so much

hubdkhar On 2016-09-18, 9:49 AM

i recently bought a new Lenovo ideapad 100-15iby but i am facing the error The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant Stop 0x000000A5 "
I tried all kind of different settings through the bios, changed from UEFI boot to Legacy / disabled secure boot / fast boot / I set the ACHI to compatible / but the end result is almost the same not able install either appear a bluescreen

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