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Laptop not booting up unless i press a key, delete key not working and files getting deleted

So I have three problems, my Lenovo g 50-45 laptop stays on the lenovo splash screen and it doesn't go to the windows screen unless i press a key. I have tried the "pressing the power button 30 secs" thing that i read on the forums, but it worked only at that instance and went back to the stuck lenovo screen the next time i booted the pc.


The second problem is my delete key in the number key section (the other one near the prtsc button works fine) is not working and no its not because the num lock key is on/off, i have tried it all and it still doesn't work.


Now these two problem started since a year or two but i haven't posted here yet because i didn't make a big deal out of it. Now i am forced to post on this forum because of the third problem which is a recent one. After everytime i log in to the pc, each time if i point it to a folder,file,mails in the windows mail or bookmarks in firefox with my mouse it all gets deleted. This only lasts for the few minutes after i start the pc. After some time this problem goes away.


My laptop is recently clean installed with the windows creator update. I dont know if there is bug on the OS or the problem is with the system itself. I posted these three problems in the same question because i believe it is related, atleast the first two. Because there was one instance when my lenovo booted on its own one day ( i dont remember what i did) and my delete key started working. But after sometime the problem obviously started again.


Any help is highly appreciated.

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