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Lenovo B50 powers off with red flashing battery light after 2 hours

We have several Lenovo B50's which we are noticing are powering themsleves off  randomly, the laptop then refuses to turn on dispite the power cable being plugged in and gives a red/orange flashing light. We know that this is due to the power supply not being connected in time and the battery running down too low for the laptop to function . The light continues to flas even if the power supply is plugged back in after shutdown. and the laptop will not restart until the light turns to a solid state. However we are noticing that the laptop only seams to be lasting about 2 hours in total with normal used (tested with a youtube video being played). I have also read articules that say that the battery normal starts to go into sleep mode at around 14% which we think maybe desciving staff.


Has anyone had the same exsperiances with this? we are running Windows 10 and have already changed all the power settings to never sleep etc. 


...Just to update this threat we have had one this morning where it was low on battery and had been pluged into the power pack. Unfortunatly dispite being plugged in it still powered it's self off. It then wouldn't turn back on again for about 5 minutes while being plugged into the power. once it did turn on it performed several updates. When the staff member tried to log back on it only load part of the log in screen and once in loaded a tempory user profile. A log off and log back on solved this but once the power goes (even with the power cable in) it appears to take some time to come back to workable a working order ?


ANy help with this would be brilliant. Is there a cut out power limit? 

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