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Paper Tape
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Lenovo B570 (F2)NO BIOS ACCESS, no (F12) BOOT order Access

Hello everyone, Yesterday I got a brand new B570. After first power on I got access to Bios (F2) and Bootorder (F12).
Today, after installation of a win7/64 the B570 refuses to enter BIOS and Bootorder table.
I found this :  message in this forum BIOS
Access B570 i5 Sandybridge but it didn't work:
He suggested: remove battery, remove BIOS battery and press power button for 30-40s.
Has anybody an idea? I think BIOS rememered a wrong state of windows shutdown situation?
May BIOS thinks that Windows in hibernation?
Are there any suggestion or a way how I could reset BIOS this wrong situation ?


Thanks in advanced

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo B570 (F2)NO BIOS ACCESS, no (F12) BOOT order Access

I have a circa Nov 2011 B570 that is now showing this problem.  It's out of the extended warranty as of Nov 14.

History:  on Mon 3/16 while doing typing after a suspend I heard the awful "tink tink" similar to a HDD crash, got a blue screen and then nothing, just sat there for over 10 minutes trying to load the error data.  Powered off/on and now after PO and holding F2 it goes into the Please Wait .... with the blue task bar on the right at about 50% and nothing else happens.

I removed the HDD and same symptoms.  Borrowed a known good 320G SATA drive from my son and same symptoms.  Disconn/reconn the BIOS battery on motherboard (I think that's what it is, small white plug accessable with large back HDD cover off near HDD compartment) no change. Tried the disconn and hold power button for 30 seconds shown in this forum, then reconn power and same symptoms.  


I'm not going to pay for a new motherboard but it's frustrating a never-had-a-problem system goes "casters up" and isn't quite 3.5 yrs old.  Anyone got other ideas on what to try?  I do have both the recovery CD and a recent windows/system backup to a USB external drive if it turns out to be the HDD but I cannot get far enough to tell and am not enough of a PC expert to know how to force the way into setup or BIOS.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo B570 (F2)NO BIOS ACCESS, no (F12) BOOT order Access

Hello, after 6 years I came back to this thread.

My B570 is still running, but until yesterday I had the problem that I could not enter Bios Setup of the B570.

Yesterday I solved the problem.
But its still annoying that there was no solution until today, especially from Lenovo never came a suggestion.
I alwasy thought, that something with the NVRAM went wrong, when I installed windows 8.

Because after this installation, it was not possible to enter BIOS-Setup anymore.

I found suggestions in forums to flash a newer BIOS but Lenovo never released a newer BIOS for B570 since Nov 1, 2011.

The version was Version 44CN43WW and the current version, so reflashing was not possible.
Now I found a modded Version for B570. I flashed this into BIOS and voila, I was able to enter BIOS Setup after 6 years.

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