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Re: Lenovo B590 Lenovo Power Management driver no work

Hello! I have also the same problem on lenovo b590.

I installed the driver, but not working..

When I try to launch the program, nothing happens.

I use w8.1..


How we can solve the problem?



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo B590 Lenovo Power Management driver no work

So, while the Lenovo guy is still looking for a solution to our problem we can try this:


Lenovo Power Manager


I've tested it on my machine and can verify that it works just fine. May you not be confused by what it says in the description - it works on B590 as well. Simply install the Power Management Driver driver (if you haven't installed it yet) and then the Power Manager itself. You'll be prompted for a reboot and after your system boots up there'll be a battery-shaped icon in your tray, which will mean that the install was a success.


Looks like the driver does get installed but there's no GUI for controlling your systems settings with it. This piece of software handles that problem by providing an easy access to all of the features your system has to offer in terms of power management.


Good luck.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo B590 Lenovo Power Management driver no work



Regarding this issue, this how I resolved it.

Although, I made a fresh reinstall of Windows (64 bits), the battery manager didn't work. still it was charging until 80%.

So, I started to make another Windows install, but, before formatting the partition, I did a format of the partition of 1Gb size, used by the Lenovo (or this is how it appears to me).

After that, I installed the Windows , drivers, the driver for energy management and the software.

Now it's working.

Hope to be usefull for you.


PS: sorry for my English

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