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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo B590 upgrade and BIOS Update

Hello, i have a Lenovo B590 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz and NVIDIA GeForce 610M, can some1 help me with an information? I want to upgrade my laptop, so can someone tell me the best CPU and latest that fits my model? I want to change with an i5 or i7 if is possible, but i don't know what motherboard i have on this model, if i upgrade the laptop with a new, better motherboard, please tell me. And another thing, can someone tell me where i can find the upgrade for BIOS from 1.12 to a newer one for my Lenovo B590 but with WINDOWS 10 ?? I hope is there any1 who can answer my request with an valid one. Ty and have a nice Christmas !


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Re: Lenovo B590

Hi there, Zen               -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


For the Lenovo B590, the compatible processors can be found on page 85 of the hardware maintenance manual.


   - Link to picture


From the list of compatible B590 CPUs (Sandy Bridge), the highest that you can use is the Intel I5-2520M.


If you're leaning towards the upgrade, consider the following:


  1. Ensure that you purchase the CPU with the Lenovo FRU # on the box.
  2. The significant increase between the stock CPU and the Intel I5-2520M is small. If the upgrade cost of the new CPU is minimal then this would be a good investment in speeding up the machine.

Intel Pentium B980 @ 2.40GHz

Intel Core i5-2520M @ 2.50GHz




Unfortunately, B490 and B590 laptops are unsupported by Lenovo for Windows 10.


What this means is when Windows 10 became available for testing prior to release, the development team found Windows 10 would not run properly on it for one or more reasons that could not be fixed with a driver.


Here is the list of Lenovo Supported Systems:


The Windows 10 notation has been removed from the BIOS download page as well to prevent confusion.

Lenovo recommends rolling back to a previous Windows version to prevent major features of B490 and B590 laptops from being disabled.


Update us how it goes.







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Re: Lenovo B590 - BIOS

Hi ZenYu81  , 




BIOS update for Windows 10 is not available from the support website as it was determined that functionality on Windows 10 may not be fully supported. 


Take time to read the read me file and update BIOS only if the needed as the latest BIOS ver92 is intented only as it may cause issue than having a stable systemboard.

Add patch for INTEL-TA-201505 security issue.
Note: Revision number (Rev.) is for administrative purpose of this README
        document and is not related to software version. There is no need to
        upgrade this software when the revision number changes.


Hope this help answer your query. 



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo B590

Thank you for your fast and good answear.

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Re: Lenovo B590

Great that all goes well.

Please feel free to utilize our forums at any time.

Cheers!!Smiley Happy


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Punch Card
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Betreff: Lenovo B590 upgrade and BIOS Update

What about the following processor: Intel Core i5-3210M Ivy Bridge L-0 3MB 2c PGA 2.5GHz STD 35W?


Seems it's a bit faster than the Intel Core i5-2520M @ 2.50GHz. In my B590 there is an Intel Core i5-3230M (I bought it mid of 2013 in that configuration) and 8 GB RAM. I think this is the fastest solution.


Concerning Windows 10: I'm running Windows 10 since summer of 2015 (now Version 1607) and never encountered any problems. All drivers, programs and utilities are running stable and reliable. I also use a 128 GB SSD from Kingston with Express Cache Driver and the System is really fast. So there is no need to buy a newer system!


About BIOS update: I just updated my UEFI-BIOS from Version 1.16 to 1.23. It worked like a charm and everything is fine. As I noticed there are 3 different BIOS types used on B590:






Shown on the splash screen when booting. The latest BIOS can be retrieved from Lenovo here:


In the DOS Folder of this ZIP there are all necessary files for flashing the new BIOS using PC-DOS. Burn a bootable CD with DOS on it and use the appropriate Batch file for your system (H1ET85WW.BAT, H5ET85WW.BAT or H9ET92WW.BAT). Normally there should be no problems. But of course it's at your own risk because flashing a new BIOS may possibly break the system. So creating a BIOS recovery USB-stick with wincris before updating is not a bad idea. If you use DR-DOS for flashing the BIOS you have to substitute the executable "FIND.EXE" from the ZIP archive with the one from your DR-DOS disk because the FIND provided by Lenovo is not working with DR-DOS.

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