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Lenovo G40-45 Screen Upgrade

Hello everyone. 


I have a problem with Lenovo G40-45


The type of screen used is not very supportive for me in editing photos
I want to upgrade the screen to a higher resolution type, like FHD.


Has anyone tried it?

Is there a screen recommendation that I have to buy


Maybe this is a "DIY" project, but if anyone has a solution please let me know.



Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo G40-45 Screen Upgrade

Hi Arnoldus

I just realized that you wanted to upgrade your existing display and not simply add a second, I feel a bit foolish.


Anyway, So I edited my original post to offer these thoughts... it may be a fools errand seeing you will likely not make any headway spending money on a low end laptop, your limitations are still graphics and cpu. If what you need is a better display you might look at this article that lists a number of systems that far exceed 1366x768. As well, these systems would be ideal for a second display. Most of the systems on the list are 3840x2160, a second, larger monitor plugged into one of these may be a better alternative for a graphics professional with high end needs.  ->


Otherwise, like I mentioned before, you can always add a second monitor via your HDMI interface but how far beyond 1920x1080 you can go with your specs, I'm unsure. It will be a scosh better than trying to do your work on a small display, I'm guessing 14", 17" at best.


Sorry for my previous post, I need to pay closer attention Smiley Sad

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo G40-45 Screen Upgrade

I wanted to add, if you see something you like off the list from the link I posted, see if you can find some reliable data on how well the display reproduces colors, if your needs are high you will want the truest colors possible, nothing is worse than blacks that are more gray, or yellowish whites.


Again, sorry for not reading your post fully. My takeaway is to replace your laptop display is far more trouble than it is worth, and I doubt you will gain anything. I would either add a second disply, the best your system can handle, better, buy a higher end system than will allow for much higher resolutions, maybe even a bigger second display to boot Smiley Happy

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