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I bought a G40-70 a few days ago and was trying to upgrade its RAM. However, when I inserted the one I had, the laptop did not recognize it. Hence, I bought another RAM card: Smart 4gb 2rx8 DDR3 1600mhz


Can this be used on the G40-70? 


WIth regard to the G40-70 laptop, do note that it only supports DDR3L. Hence, the card that was listed above will not work. 


It is thus recommended that a corresponding DDR3L memory card be sourced for. Do note that you should also contact your country's service centre for assistance with the installation. 


Click here to do so.

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Hi support. I have a G40-70 Laptop. Machine Type Model: 59441219.

I bought a Kingston DDR3 SODIMM (not DDR3L) and it worked. Is there by any chance that a DDR3 can fully work on this laptop? The store have a technician and told them I still have warranty.. They asked me what type of memory I am using and told them it should be DDR3L. But the technician said let's try using DDR3 and see if it will work. I have original 2GB RAM. After putting the additional 4GB Kingston RAM, it worked.. Right now I have 6 GB RAM in total when we check system properties.

I am just worried that the RAM they installed will not "fully" work or might have some problems in the future. I know it's working right now, cause I can see I am now running 6GB of RAM. What I am worried about is that after some time this laptop might just get bunch of error or will get damaged because of incompatible hardware running inside it since you said that this laptop should have a DDR3L.

Looking forward for your response.


Good day,


I'm looking to upgrade the memory of a Lenovo G40 laptop, however, not sure where I can obtain or buy needed memory.

Currently the laptop has 2GB memory and it's extremely slow.


Please assist/advise?


Kind regards,


I bought this one:

Been using it on my G40-70 laptop for three years with no issues.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, that definitely helps, now I just need to source it this side, 


Thank you for the speedy response.