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Lenovo G40-70 overheating after motherboard replacement in warranty

I am going crazy over this. Please help me. What should I do?


Bought a Lenovo G40-70 in August 2014. A few months later something wen't wrong with the sound (buzzing sound appeared frequently) when playing any media file or youtube video. Called help line, they said sound card problem so take to Bukit Timah for warranty service. At Bukit Timah service center they say hard drive problem so they replace it in a little over a week. The problem still there. I take it back to them after some time. They admit its sound card problem they replace it again taking oveer a week. A few months later, the problem is still there. I take it back to them after some time again. They say its motherboard problem and they replace it too, again taking over a week. Since then, the notebook has been over heating, running extremely slow while the fan is always running at top speed.


The temperature in idle state of both cores is above 60 and usually around 90-95C.


This whole process of taking it for warranty service 3 times has taken so long and now the warranty is over. Firstly, the service at Bukit Timah is lousy, took them 3 times to figure out that it was a motherboard issue. Secondly, I am stuck with a notebook that is too slow and always overheating and is out of warranty.

What do you suggest I should do?

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