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Lenovo G400S don`t recognize Internal Hard Drive anymore

So, yesterday i was using my lenovo g400s notebook, it came with Windows 8.1 x64, the system was very slow, so i used windows defrag, ccleaner and deleted some files, so far so good.

After a few hours, i tried to open intel rapid storage to see why it stopped, the program froze, i tried to open task manager but it was very slow, so i forced the laptop to power off by pressing the power button for a few seconds. When i tried to start the laptop again, it give me an error saying ``EFI network 0 for IPv4 boot fail`` and then this message appeared =



I tried to open the BIOS menu, the hdd still shows on Information Tab

Link to image 1

But it wont appear on Boot menu when boot mode is set to ``UEFI``, the hdd only show up when Legacy Mode is selected

Link to image 2


Link to image 3

But if i try to boot in Legacy Mode, it just give me a black screen.
i tried to access recovery mode but happens the same thing, just black screen (legacy mode) or boot device is missing (uefi mode)

I tried to format the laptop using a usb flash drive with windows 7, but it wont find my hdd

i`m using now Ubuntu from flash drive, and it wont find my hdd either. So i can`t backup any files =/


Link to image 4

Why the bios information tab shows my hdd but i can`t load it anymore? Any clues? What can i do? Is my hdd dead?

SOrry for my bad english


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