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Re: Lenovo G460 Update Bios ?

From what you have described it sounds like you are already using a newer BIOS version than what is available from the Lenovo EOL Legacy source so I suspect the BIOS isn't an issue. 


Was the fan on the laptop always running at full speed or is this something that occurred recently? 


Have you performed the suggestions that Sclexman offered?

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Re: Lenovo G460 Update Bios ?

Well I thought that noise was due to the outdated bios so I will post the temperature tests here more rebound I bought a cooler new model adda I changed and the noise persists when starting the boot the ventonhina already starts running like crazy
I replaced thermal paster in June.

Thanks for listening.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo G460 Update Bios ?

Estou com mesmo problema porém a troca da bios nova pela versão antiga nao funcionou, o cooler continua disparado

troquei a versão 40 pela versão 38.


Caso você  queira  fazer o downgra de bios...


Primeiros descompacte o atualizador de bios InsydeFlashx64   que está com nome de NIWEx215_X64.exe  utilizando o WINRAR

após a descompatcação dentro da pasta dele tem um aquivo chamado platform.ini  que contem instruçoes de como a bios deve ser atualizada pelo InsydeFlashx64.exe



Abra esse arquivo platform.ini  no Notepad  e dentro do aquivo procure por 

;This flag is the switch of checking BIOS version. 

Altere a Flag=2  para Flag=0

como no exemplo abaixo ..

;This flag is the switch of checking BIOS version. 

depois basta executar o InsydeFlashx64.exe  que está dentro da pasta,  como administrador.

seu downgrade de bios vai funcionar 


Caso alguem consiga resolver o problema do cooler speed 100%  favor nao deixe de postar para a gente. 




English translation.......


I have the same problem but the exchange of the new bios for the old version did not work, the cooler continues to fire

I changed version 40 to version 38.


If you want to do the bios downgrade ...


First unzip the InsydeFlashx64 bios updater that is named NIWEx215_X64.exe using WINRAR

after unpacking inside the folder it has an aquifer called platform.ini that contains instructions on how the bios should be updated by InsydeFlashx64.exe


Open this platform.ini file in Notepad and inside the file look for

Flag = 2
This flag is the switch of checking BIOS version.

Change Flag = 2 to Flag = 0

as in the example below.



Flag = 0

This flag is the switch of checking BIOS version.


then just run InsydeFlashx64.exe that is inside the folder, as administrator.

your bios downgrade will work


If someone can solve the speed cooler 100% problem please do not stop posting to us.

thank you.



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