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Lenovo G480 (20149) integrated camera doesn't even appear in device manager

Hi! My mother bought this laptop a couple of years ago, and after a year and a half or so it started having problems with some software (you know how mothers are!), so she gave it to a neighbour of hers so that he would format it and reinstall Windows. Originally, the laptop came with Windows 8, and for reasons I don't know, this neighbor deleted all the HDD partitions and install Windows 7 instead; that means you have no way of performing a factory reset. From that moment on, the camera stopped working; it doesn't even appear in the device manager. All other features - audio, video, WiFi, etc. - work properly; it's just the camera which has the problem.


So my mother talked to me about this, and I've been trying to solve this issue without success. I tried installing Windows 10; nothing. I tried installing Windows 8.1; nothing. I tried installing the camera drivers, but it says there's nothing to install the driver to. I've read that some people recommend an activation of the camera via BIOS, but I'm unable to find such an option in the BIOS of this computer. Others recommend a Fn + Esc sequence that, to be honest, doesn't even do anything.


The thing is that I'm getting crazy with this stuff, and that's why I'm asking you people whether you can help me with this. I'll appreciate any comments regarding this.


Thank you in advance!!

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