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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo G50-30 Battery charging issue - "plugged in but not charging"

My Lenovo G50-30 laptop has suddenly developed a funny problem.


When battery charger is introduced while laptop is on it says "plugged in but not charging" and battery keeps reducing, however battery charges when laptop is switched off. The problem has started happening from approx a 3-4 weeks back. My battery was under warranty and was replaced by Lenovo authorised center Jogeswari (West), Mumbai, India BUT still issue reamins the same.


Service center installed a software called OKO care which randomly allowed charging three times while laptop was ON. However this also did not permanently solve my problem and returned back to same issue hence un-installed software. Then had tried couple of other lenovo softwares (vantage, forgot name of anotehr one) but in vain. 


Pls organise immediate help as I have exams starting September 19, 2019 and need laptop very badly for preparing and cant afford to switch off to recharge. Thank you in advance.


FYI - There is no capping not to charge beyond 55-60% to safeguard battery. I have Windows 10 (64 bit OS), initial OS which came along with laptop was Windows 8.1 which automatically got upgraded to Windows 10. My laptop is always kept on auto update hence all latest updates are installed. I do not allow any unnecessary software installation.


Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo G50-30 Battery charging issue - "plugged in but not charging"

That sounds suspiciously like the laptop is in Airport Mode, which if enabled will prevent it from charging when on, yet charge when off, just like you describe. 


You can find out via a command prompt

  • Right click on start and select Command Prompt (Admin)  -or- Windows PowerShell (Admin)  depending on your system configuration.
  • At the prompt type:  powercfg /getactivescheme    and press Enter

If it comes back with something similar to the image below showing (Airplane) as the active scheme,  then that is likely the culprit.


capture.jpgClick on Image to expand

If you find that it is enabled, at the same command prompt window type:  control powercfg.cpl   and press Enter to open the Power control panel applet, and then check to see if Airplane Mode is set as your current power plan.


As a last resort, you can also type:  powercfg –restoredefaultschemes  to reset the Windows power schemes to their default settings.



Best of luck,

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo G50-30 Battery charging issue - "plugged in but not charging"

Got response as 

Power Scheme GUID: some alpha numeric numbers  (balanced)


In addition went through couple of forum and uninstalled  Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control -Method Battery then scan for changes in control panel it once added said driver back. But still it did not resolve teh problem.


Additional information - When Battery is removed and laptop is switched on display slightly comes (with power on white light) and switches off the laptop. This I was doing for removing static charge as stated on forum.

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