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Lenovo G50-45 Qualcomm Atheros Ar956x problem

Hello everyone,

I'll try to describe my problem as best as I can (it's pretty strange, I'll also post some screenshots).

I have this problem since I bought this pc, when I connect to a wireless network everything goes fine for a couple hours (2-6), then the pc suddenly disconnects from the network; then when I open the networks menu, select my network and push the connect button it says connecting... for a couple seconds and then it says can't connect to this network (the screenshots are in italian but I hope you'll understand anyway). This is the major problem but there are also other ones which are uncommon (like double networks, missing network, it says my home connection is open but it isn't...) Another minor "problem" is that the small wifi indicator on the right bottom of the screen always says I have full signal strength even if i don't have it.

Here is what I've already tried to do:

  • Setting up all the stuff about power management (unchecking allow pc to shut down device... and disabling power saving for wireless card)
  • Uninstalling the device from device manager (even checking delete driver software) and then rebooting
  • Installing lastest drivers from Lenovo website (I have version)
  • Disabling Ipv6
  • Executing netsh winsock reset and rebooting

Now to solve the problem I have to reboot the pc (nothing else works) and sometimes I have to reboot it multiple times, anyway the problems seems to be absent in Ubuntu 16.10.

Thank you in advance and sorry if I made some language mistakes but I'm italian Smiley Tongue

Screenshot (10).pngImmagine.pngImmagine2.pngScreenshot (1).pngScreenshot (3).png

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo G50-45 Qualcomm Atheros Ar956x problem


I have suffered the very same problem for several months, but it seems that I've found the right aspirin for my headache and if you dare to try yourself, it may also help you.


This laptop has actually two WiFi antennas, and I ended up simply inverting the connection of the two antennas to the small wireless board located in the bottom of the PC.


It has been working now flawlessly for a full day, using the same wireless network with with before I needed to reset the laptop every 30 minutes or so...


Before doing this, check if your warranty is still valid and use it if it is! Otherwise, you can try his procedure at your own risk...


First, unplug the power supply cable from the laptop and disconnect the battery from it.


Then open the bottom of my PC by unscrewing the three small screws that hold the bottom cover, and locate the small circuit board by the center of the laptop. It has two cables (black and grey) connected to it. That is the wireless WiFi board and the cables connect the board to the antennas.


Carefully, with your fingernail or a small screwdriver, snap off the gold plated tiny connectors out of the board and then reconnect them in an INVERTED manner (the gray cable goes where the black one was, and viceversa). To reconnect them, align the cable connector to the board mating connector, and gently push until it is firmly connected.


Place the bottom cover back, reconnect the battery and you are done!


This simple change did solve the issue for me, and I hope it helps you too.




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