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What's DOS?
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Lenovo G500 fan running, no booting

Typing this on mobile device so have to be succinct. 

 Upon pressing power button:


No backlight on monitor appears (monitor remains black)


Fan remains running at normal speed


Little lights indicating battery/power status of unit work normally


removing/alternating ram has no effect


on occasion when the laptop works, the slightest nudge will crash/power off system


i know it sounds bad (motherboard damage maybe?) but any thoughts would be appreciated

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo G500 fan running, no booting

  • The nudge & crash symptom is concerning.       Did the laptop get dropped or have anything happen to it that might lead you to believe the motherboard would be damaged, or result i the screen failing?     
  • Do you have the ability to try connecting and external monitor to see if the system is actually booting?
  • Does the position of the screen have any effect?    (I ask because there is a cable between the screen and base that can become damaged overtime, and perhaps could be shorting.


Best of luck,


Lenovo G400/G500/G405/ G505/G410/G510 Hardware Maintenance Manual


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