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Paper Tape
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Lenovo G500S Touch Lemon of a device without any hopes of redemption.

Good afternoon, 


As a frustrated owner of this device, this laptop along with Microsoft has turned into a Mac user. This device from the onset has been a problem. from its cheap make, WIFI connectivity issues, faulty battery life, apps closures I can't see how Lenovo couldn't come up with some type of way of being able to help those that felt suckered into purchasing this device. The customer service a year after the purchase (purchased in 2013) was as poor as Staples.


I need a Windows based machine for a project I will be doing, and swearing off Windows I wanted to see if there was any redeemable feature that could help me along this purchase. Removing this device from storage and not using in a year, neither battery (the one that came with the machine or the newer purchased battery holds a charge despite stating it's 100% full. Prior to the switch to Windows 8.1, I felt the device worked perfectly (which was released a week plus after I purchased it. Ever since Windows 8.1 and the even worse Windows 10 have destroyed my love for this machine. 


Now as of current, I haven't been able find the battery management reset which was so easily found under Windows 8/8.1 so I decided to reset the device twice losing my access to Windows 10 and the second time no way of being able to recalibrate the battery. 


I am now doing a total factory setting which will hopefully help me in something before I trash the machine. 


Lenovo and Microsoft, a lousy pair. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo G500S Touch Lemon of a device without any hopes of redemption.

Now that I’ve looked thoroughly into making device serviceable, I spent the past three days working it, from resetting the device twice, and the third time a total factory restore. 


The factory restore brought it back to Windows 8 which was ok yet the unbelievable amount of updates even wired wasn’t updating. Doing this did help me recalibrate the original battery which was helpful, the second battery I couldn’t recalibrate yet I’ll find a way to do so in the near future. 


The third and final fix it for this machine was that I was able to download Windows 10 which for now has the machine working quite well. Removing the bloatware and a total removal of MacFee, iTunes and a few others made the machine run faster.


So I might’ve sounded like a condescending **bleep** but when you have problems with a device and it’s taken five years to finally work well, I guess patience is a virtue ( for now) that is.

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Re: Lenovo G500S Touch Lemon of a device without any hopes of redemption.

Sometimes it is hard to have patience with a machine (computer, notebook, laptop etc...) that is not working the way one expects. I have been working with computers and network machines since 1987 and that never seems to change...

All of the manufactures (HP, Dell, ASUS and others) have issues with them, some more than others and it seems to go in "waves" due to some new technologies that are not fully tested before they are introduce to the masses and it shows.

Other times a new technology gets exploited for profit by a company to get it out first... Either way the end result is a computing platform that ends up being buggy and not worth the cost in the end.

That is the main reason I do not buy into bleeding edge tech, I go with proven tech that has shown to be dependable.

I have several Lenovo products (purchased and supplied for testing) that have stood up better than the competition. My G580 is the longest lived notebook I have owned since my "tank" of a Pentium 4 notebook (computrade) that I purchased thru Computer Shopper.

I have a Yoga 900S that has been used and abused both as a testing and eval unit and as a road warrior showcase. Not once has it let me down.

The Thinkpad T40 I used for work lasted quite a few years, and still is running of the AC charger as I am just to cheap to replace the battery.

I have a Thinkpad E570 that I was sent for use and it arrived with a Russian power brick, keyboard and Windows installation. I replaced the wall cord, keyboard and re-installed windows, just to find a noisy heatsink and fan issue. Took almost 6 months to find a replacement fan, and two tries to get a good one but it is now fixed and running well. I can say with confidence that it will be my next "tank" notebook - the internals are well made and locked down tight.

I was sent an "all in one" unit that I am currently stress testing, evaluating and putting together a report on. It is an Ideacenter A520 unit and the only thing I am trying to work out is a slightly noisy fan. It "growls" when on, but not that loudly. I think it is a fan bearing issue but that will wait until I can take it apart.

Just my two cents.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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