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Lenovo G510 touchpad scrolling not working in Windows 7


I have a Windows 7 - 64 bit operating system on a Lenovo G510.


I have installed touchpad driver for Windows 7 from the Lenovo site but i found a very annoying problem which is the touchpad scrolling function is not working.


How to enable this or is there something I've missed?


In this situation, one of our community user found that changing the settings of the One/ Two Finger Scrolling feature (located under Mouse Properties) helped solve his issue.

  1. Before changing the settings, kindly check if you have a Synaptics touchpad.
  2. If it is Synaptics touchpad, find for the One Finger or Two Finger Scrolling feature under Mouse Properties in Control Panel.
  3. In the case of not seeing anything, please download the relevant driver from the G510 Drivers & Software site
  4. In Mouse Properties window as seen below, choose Device Settings.
  5. Choose the following options (image on right), or customise the scrolling behavior of your mouse by checking the relevant boxes.
  6. You can opt to enable vertical and/or horizontal scrolling according to your preference.
  7. Click on OK to apply the changes.



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Joshidatkd On 2014-11-18, 18:55 PM

In my new g400 the touchpad is not working fine. Sometimes I want to move around the screen but it moves to screens that I don't want and I don't know why tha hell is doing that, I just got it !!!

AminChauhan On 2018-08-27, 15:14 PM

I have lenovo B570 with windows7 after formatting laptop touchpad scoll not working.

As you guide I've checked settings in Control Panel --> Mouse 
but there is no option of Device Settings.


please suggest to solve the problem.



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