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Re: my lenovo g550 get turn off automatically...

did you check download page if you have the latest bios version?
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Re: Lenovo G550 Heating problem .



I've downloaded Speccy and checked the temp as follows...

            Intel Pentium T4500  @ 2.30GHz    36 °C
            Penryn 45nm Technology

            LENOVO NITU1 (U2E1)    144 °C

        Hard Drives
            488GB Western Digital WDC WD5000BEVT-24A0RT0 (SATA)    43 °C



Please help, Milan.

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Re: Lenovo G550 Overheating Issue Fixed youppi :)

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I tried the BIOS update, clean the fan and my laptop was already in service, but they didn't help anything.

So I tried okabb_swinga method and works it fine! I changed the paper to aluminium foil and the GPU temp reduced 49C (idle), and 59C (fully loaded).

Thank you very much!

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Re: Lenovo G550 Overheating Issue Fixed youppi :)



I have similar problem with my G550 model 20023. Graphics card GF G210M overheats (105-115 C!) after running any 3D app or when wathing a movie. I've followed all advices posted here and the problem still remains.


Heat sink and fan are clean and thermal grease on CPU is new (Arcting Cooling MX-2). I' ve even replaced the silicon pad on GPU, updated the BIOS and all drivers. Could this be a problem with graphics chipset or motherboard?


Nothing seems to work. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Lenovo G550 Heating problem .

[ Edited ]

I run two different temp moninor programs, and got this high bus temp 144 celsius. The other readings looks good.
Is this an error ? Misreading? Or is this a common problem? I see one other guy also posted that he has 144 degrees readings on motherboard bus.


I have updated bios, and used air to blow in all holes in the computer, to get rid of dust.

So the question is ? Misreading sensor error? Or a reality? 






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Re: my lenovo g550 get turn off automatically...



I am providing with the solution so please be careful

first remove your fan cover

then unscrew your laptops fan nuts remove it

now open the heat sink

after u remove the heat sink there will be three chip the first is of GRAPHICS CARD the other one will be PROCESSOR and the third one will be of NORTH BRIDGE

now clean all the thermal paste from three of those surface with a calm paper and then clean the heat sink paste now if you have the thermal paste open it and apply gently on the graphics card processor and the north bridge with a help of atm card or visiting card as the paste is too thick it will not get stuck easily

*NOTE :- Make sure the thermal paste does not come out from the chip as there are conducting chips so apply small amount and rotate it all over the processor chip

now as you have completed this step put the heat sink back and make sure you start your system after 15-20 mins let paste gelled up properly in its position


I am sure it will definetly help you as it helped me I tried this setup yesterday only and it worked



Thanks and Regards


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Re: Lenovo G550 Heating problem .

Dear Admin/Senior Lenovo moderators

My lenovo G550 started shutting down abruptly after startup yesterday and today I
tried to blow air through my mouth into the fan area to clean up the
dust inside, start it in safe mode, boot menu mode and later reinstall
my windows Xp(without formatting the drive) but abrupt turn off
continued in the same way.

Then at last I removed my already defunct battery and now I am able to
write this email as the abrupt turning off is stopped for a while.

These happened for the first time in more than 3 yrs of my use of this G550.

I tried to capture the data on temperature via CPUID HWMonitor

core 0 -  55 deg     46 [min] 66 deg [max]
core 1 -  52 deg     45 [min] 66 deg [max]
assembly- 48 deg    46 [min] 48 deg [max]
TZ00   -  47 deg     40 [min] 52 deg [max]

Please tell me what else should I do or test within my ability to know
the reasons for such types of abrupt turn offs so that they do not
recur in future.


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