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Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Just got a new Lenovo G550 (2852DU).


The Wi-fi seems to be pretty problematic. I'm having a WPA-PSK secured wifi at home.

It connects if I give username and password and immediately disconnects.


If I save the network and say - connect automatically, this connection disconnection cycle keeps on happening infinitely Smiley Sad. I've tried updating the drivers. No go.


I tried using a unsecure network and it was fine. Is it that my broadcom WLAN chip doesn't like WPA-PSK password? It's freaking insane.



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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Problemo solved!! Smiley Wink

I called up Lenovo customer care, they told the 'Lenovo ReadyConn' software that's pre-loaded is faulty.

I removed that and added my Wireless networks 'manually' and I'm good to go Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Thanks for coming back with the solution to help others!


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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

I know, I told the customer care executive (whom I spoke to) to document such known problems/issues somewhere, so that it'd be useful to other customers. I found it weird that such matters were handled so un-professionally by Lenovo.


I just wanted the future customers not to be caught in two-minds like I was. Smiley Happy

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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems


I had the same problem with my new G550. My wireless router is not even protected yet my G550 could not connect to it. I deleted the ReadyComm software and the Wi-Fi problem is fixed.


Thank you for your post and thank you for saving me from calling Lenovo customer service! Smiley Happy





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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

I just received a g550 lenova second hand, but never used...I never have connection problems with the notebook, with the experience that i have from my toshiba notebook i try to take out the batterie of when i use it with ac power to prolong the battery life...


 what i wonder is ,

Does the notebook have a recovery dvd or vista dvd comes with the original package when it is sold?



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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

[ Edited ]

Nope, Microsoft doesn't include it with anything unless you buy an IBM. I got mine for free though because after I recently had to reformat my Lenovo Notebook for an unknown reason, I went to install Vista Service Pack 1, restarted, and it f-ed up my computer after I just spent 2 days of installing all the other crap. Their customer service is about as helpful as the Republicans are with the health care reformat right now. Emails pretty much consisted of just repeating everything you said and copy and pasting something from the FAQ on their site. After suggesting something to me that I knew was incorrect and not recommended to do by this site and the vista forums, they just gave me the stupid DVD for free, though all I wanted was an explanation as to why it f-ed it up my computer and how to prevent it. Since then, I no longer downloaded windows updates, or anything made by Microsoft other then Windows Live Messenger. But if you look online you might be able to find a version of it to download and burn to a dvd. Because I don't see the logic of paying nearly or around 70 bucks for a dvd that you might only use once or twice during the life of your computer.

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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Thanks for the answer. although i always close the windows update section so i don't get an trash or send  anything to microsoft because i have a limited connection.. If there is the security updates, anyway i always use a good security program for internet and viruses .

Up to now there isn't any security problems...i'm satisfied with g550..Just i want to add xp or leo operating system to another partition, so i can choose between them for different applications. they say Windows 7 will have better performance  unlike vista...

Is there any possibility i can get free vista copy send to my adress like you did?


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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Thank you so much for your posting, i just purchased my G550 and was frustrated because it wouldnt connect to my D-link router, after an hour of trying and a 45min hold with Lenovo tech support after which i hung up, i decided to do a google search n found this site, n Im glad i did because i deleted the 'Lenovo ReadyConn' software' n now my G550 works perfectly with my router!

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Re: Lenovo G550 Wi-fi Problems

Hi Pokerchampin


Let me buy you a beer if I could. OR buy you a jet plane.


You solved my problem. Since yesterday I been calling Lenovo and nobody knows what is happening.

And I was about to send it to their depot but not anymore.


Just uninstall the **bleep** lenovo comm software and thats it.

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