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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎12-07-2009
Location: China
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Lenovo G550 boot up

Hello mates,

I am using the Lenovo G550. It is brand new. i uninstalled the Vista and setup XP SP3 on it. Everything works fine but takes a HELL lot of time to boot up. Also when I uninstalled Vista and installed XP, I wanted to change the drives and paritions but somehow it does not let me format C: drive, so I had to install XP on another drive. Please help. I am a new member in this forum so it will take time until I understand how things work here so please forgive my mistakes. Thanks for paying attention to my problem.


Hoping for a quick reply


Retired Guru
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Registered: ‎07-13-2009
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Re: Lenovo G550 boot up

[ Edited ]

When you state:

"so I had to install XP on another drive"

do you mean another partition on the existing drive,

or replaced the drive with another physical drive?


There is a hidden service partition on the drive

which xp setup will not delete. You should find software

to "zero" the drive (totally erase by writing zeros)

and then you can create partitions when you run the XP install.


Of course, if you zero the drive your recovery partition will

also be gone, but it is probably unuseable now anyhow.


Once you get a clean XP install, with no partitions other than

what YOU create, boot time should improve.