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Paper Tape
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Lenovo G550 - how to get Best Battery Health Option in Energy Management


My name is Stefan


I using Lenovo g550(2958) notebook already more then two years. My first battery dies and i bought new Lenovo battery. 

I saw on other Lenovo Laptop (Lenovo Y570) new Energy Management with option for Best Battery Health. I  update my Energy Management, but i didn't get that option.

I try to install Energy Management from drivers disk for Lenovo Y570 and i again didn't get Best Battery Health option. So i ask for help in order to keep my battery health ,  because i am in first charger user rather than battery  user. I asking for any solution how to only charge my battery to 50% of capacity. 


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Re: Lenovo G550 - how to get Best Battery Health Option in Energy Management

hi stefanp9

as you notices, y570 and some other idepads have an option to optimize the battery life but i don't think it's available for all models.

when you check the power management settings if there's no option to set battery health option, your computer and power management doesn't support that function and upgrading the power management won't help you.

hope this helps.
What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo G550 - how to get Best Battery Health Option in Energy Management

Hello, Yigit. Been to Marmaris in 2005 with my son, great place. 

Mine is Ideapad S10-3, bought in Bangkok last December. Same problem, plugged in, not charging. I guess its No charge function is on (took my lenovo to the service centre, they kept it for 1.5 month, told me the battery was replaced but it is a lie, I can see it is the same battery).  And the machine is not equipped with Battery health either. Will appreciate your piece of advice in advance.