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Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎06-25-2010
Location: Sweden
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Lenovo G555 0873 Insyde BIOS before NAWA1110.exe

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I've got a Lenovo G555 - 2gb - AMD M320 cpu - HD4200 gfx - 500gb and was wondering if there were any savvy owners (unlike me) who figured out how to backup their BIOS before upgrading it.  I upgraded the BIOS, and crashes became unbearable, recovery attempts fail with blue screen or justs hangs after progress bar in the beginning.  I even tried installing fresh with new windows 7 disks which also failed, either blue screen during start.  The funny thing is hirens windows mini-xp works without a problem, and can run memory diagnostics all night (no problems reported, by the way) 


I believe it may be because it doesn't load drivers  and/or  rely on advance hardware features that normal operating systems check for.  I must add even linux fails soon after/during checking of PCI  features since you can see linux boot process in text form.


Sorry to throw out a lot of assumptions but if anyone does have a copy of the BIOS before the one listed on Lenovo website it would be worth trying.  (can I even flash in windows in a windows live CD?)


Thanks for any technical advise,


 (I did phone lenovo tech support who were friendly enough but said older BIOS versions are not available)




# Sent the computer back under warranty and they replaced the processor.

# Everything has been working has normal since then.

# I am now a happy bunny.