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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

spike32 wrote:

Waiting for a fix??


Get in line......

That's why I'm here...  It's been an eternity for you folks, but only 2 days for me.


Sorry to make light of it.  I love my StinkPads, but even with those sometimes Lenovo goes into slow motion when it comes to updates and fixes.


Forgot to mention that it's a G560 0679-AJU.



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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

Hi, guys, can anyone upload bios version 2.12 for G560? My friend with that version had no problem with fan speed. Mine is 2.15 and the fan works on max after booting.


/sorry for my english

Penyo from Bulgaria

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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

Bought a G575 three weeks ago. The fan never stops. Ever. Everest/AIDA64 can not detect the fan (that's a first, tbh), as I wanted to check RPM, and maybe control it manually via SpeedFan or anything that would work. Also lowered voltages via BrazosTweaker to help with the temperatures (which are not high to begin with considering it's an APU), cores idling at around 46*C, reported by Core Temp. I got used to the sound of it, but I wouldn't mind if it were more silent and it wouldn't waste precious power (in vain, that is). After reading this thread, I'm not gonna be hoping for a fix... oh well.
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

@ heartless
can you check if the issue persists on safe mode?
have you tried to update power management drivers and/or bios?
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

[ Edited ]

Was idle in safe mode for about 10 mins, CPU usage between 0 and ~7% (Win7 x64)... same deal with the fan. Mine came with the latest BIOS (1.07). The drivers and apps (like Energy Management) I'm using are the latest, as provided by Lenovo on the website. I believe it's not driver or O/S related, probably BIOS, just my $0.02, but I'm no expert. I've been thinking... Since it's an E-350 APU, even with the fan always on temp never drops under 46*C. I guess they just run hotter than other chips so the fan not ever stopping would make sense, but I don't know what the safe temp is for this chip... Core Temp reports a Tj. Max. of 115*C. A *tad bit* lower RPM would go a long way...

/offtopic: Also, it would be nice if the "Battery Runtime/Battery Health" feature would be incorporated into the BIOS, thus everyone could benefit from it, no matter what O/S they are running.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

IMO fan problem is related to CPU and GPU, not only to CPU. It's because of the same heat-sink for CPU and GPU chips. Basically nvidia m310 never goes under 55C especially when win aero is on. It would be nice to have some "slowing down" option for the gpu and then, IMO, overall temps would go lower. I already tried newest nvidia drivers and slow down the chip, memory and gpu but it didn't really help.
I tried putting new a thermal paste on cpu and gpu and it lowered the temps by 2-5C each.
But anyway, the fan is always on, even when only Opera and basic system software is running.
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

Ok, so it makes sense for us peeps that run nVidia or AMD chips. But fans that don't slow/stop for Intel-equipped notebooks... =/

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Re: Lenovo G470 problem with fans

This issue seems also to affect g470 under GNU/Linux Debian too, it never stops --
-- g470 s103t
Lenovo G470 | Model Name : 20078 | M fg Date: 11/03/23 | BIOS: 40CN23WW(V2.09) 06/20/2011 | CPU: i5-2410M | Linux version 3.3.4lenovog470+ (root@lap) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-4) ) #8 SMP Tue May 1 10:23:48 CEST 2012

Lenovo S10-3t | Model Name : 0651 | Mfg Date: 2010/06/08
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

same problem with g575, lenovo please help!!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo G560 problem with fans

This problem happens on my g570 with bios 2.07 and 2.09.


I think this is a problem with the insyde EC, not the bios.


I installed an unlocked bios which opens all configuration options.  I modified the first fan trip point from 55c to 60c.  This changes the time the fan turns on, but not off.  The ACPI code (DSDT) does not receive any _OFF call backs ever, only when the laptop is put to sleep  (and then it gets _ON and _OFF sent one right after another)


After putting the laptop to sleep with the new 60c BIOS settings... after waking up the 55c setting takes over.  So, it's not the BIOS.  The BIOS settings are overwritten after a wake event and the ACPI code is largely ignored.  That only leaves the EC.


Also, after updating to 2.09 two of my active cooling trip points were removed from ACPI (not that they were honored by acpi at all anyhow)

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