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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

I wanted to mention before I finally returned the laptop back and restored everything to factory -


One of the tests I ran was not installing the audio drivers. It displayed the same behavior without the Contexant drivers as it does with them.


I do have Windows 7 Ultimate and can try and see if it's with the OS (since these machine are on Home Premium)  but I need to wait till I get the new unit and make a factory image of the machine so I can restore it back.

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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

I ordered this machine for a customer but they brought it back to me because of this issue.  Is there a fix for this yet?

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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

I bought the G570 and did the same thing. How i fixed it was I updated the sound driver, and went to Atheros to update the wireless driver. I also went into Sound Properties and Disabled Sound Enhancements.. It works great now, hope this helps :-)

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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

Amazingly, after two months of being dumbfounded and pissed off, and after reading this thread resigned to the "fact" that I had had the crap luck to have purchased a 2012 laptop with fatally flawed audio that I would have to throw out, I tried the "disable all enhancements" in my playback devices trick mentioned in the above post and the problem has gone away!


Anyone reading this thread should definitely try this before resetting to factory settings or sending the laptop back for repairs.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

I found this thread really helpful, however, I did turn off sound enhancements and the issue still occurs. However I own a y570. 


I am at wit's end with the problem now. It was tolerable before, but now, it's a open wound in everything I do! Even the entire system lags once this noise starts. I tried adjusting the visual effects for best performance as well.


Any further suggestions on what the problem could be?



What's DOS?
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Re: G570 sound - recording problem

I have recording problem.
I'm trying to record music ,  through the microphone
Like karaoke Smiley Happy
I start to recording  without drums &  bass... going nicely.
When i rythm section switch on  , sound microphone is silent, and gets chopped Smiley Sad
Here is  attached video
 I tried to record with multiple programs, and the result is the same.
Is there help?
Thanks in advance
P. S. OS is Win 7

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo G570 - Sound Issues

So I had this problem around a year after I got my G570 in 2012, and I solved it at the start of this year (2014). The problem eventually became so bad that it crashed my computer and wouldn't start. So I put it in to an IT store in my hometown and they reinstalled windows, only for the problem to come back.

So I looked around for solutions and stumbled upon this ridiculously easy

solution: - I'm summarised it below

1. Open Regedit (Registry Editor)

2. Follow this pathway
                    > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

                    > SYSTEM
                    > ControlSet001

                    > Control

                    > Class

3. If you see Upper and/or Lower filters, right click and delete both and restart your laptop.

4. WARNING: I lost the ability to burn DVDs and CDs but I can watch DVDs and import CDs.


I've never seen anyone recommend this solution for this laptop so I have no idea whether it'll work for you.

This solution may have come too late as I doubt they sell this laptop anymore but I struggled with this problem for so long.

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