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Paper Tape
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Lenovo G570 Windows 10


TEST_TARGETED_READ_TEST::: faild bad sector, also fail TEST_SHORT_SELF_TEST:::1.1.5:::s:::1

how do I find a solution this problem.

regards norman

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo G570 Windows 10

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Norman, but your hard drive (HDD) is failing, so the only fix is to immediately backup your data and replace the HDD.   If it is till under warranty, call Lenovo support and they will replace the drive (again, be sure back up your data first because they will not), but if not under warranty, any good computer shop can replace the HDD, and with any luck still be able to clone your old drive to the new one.    


I would refrain from using the computer unless absolutely necessary, because the more you use the HDD, the faster it may fail.



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