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Lenovo G580 Long Booting Problem

Hello. I have Lenovo G580 for 3th. year (so far i just added 4GB of ram (total 8GB.)) and i have  this problem with my notebook for like secon d week . I have  this problem second time , first time i was not trying to solve it, it just went away and notebook worked fine . But 2 days ago problem started again , so i try to type about it here in hope to get help  .


The problem is : everytime I start the PC the screen is black (not turned on even),power and battery LED are ON , the CDROM checks itself (it makes that sound of spin) , the fan turns ON but right after it turns OFF and WEBcam light is ON . And the notebook stays in this state for solid 4 to 8 minutes then the screen comes to live and shows Lenovo logo fan starts spining (realy fast becouse the CPU was heating all the time and fan was not spinning at all) , and windows 10 starts booting fine and evrything works fine . But sometimes notebook turns itself off while it is in this state of booting or what becouse CPU gets so hot that it turns off . 


I tryed to find what may cause this long booting or turning on :

i have updateed all drivers that i could . 

i tryed to turn on notebbok without RAM in it to at least get a error messege but no response .  

I took out the HDD but no help (but with RAM in it).

then without CDROOM no help.
then without battery and with battery but same resoults.

And thats kinda all what i can say about my problem .I would be very glad for eny help.
Have a nice day. 

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Re: Lenovo G580 Long Booting Problem

My first thought is the memory you added in may be causing the issue. Remove the purchased stick of memory and see if that makes a difference.

Side note: When adding / changing memory the new memory needs to match the old memory (if adding) or conform to the settings (new memory) that the notebook can handle. In particular - the operating voltage, speed and type. need to match exactly or it can lead to BSOD and system POST error conditions.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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