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Lenovo G580 Windows 8 Recovery Partition Damaged - What To Do?

I just purchased my Lenovo G580 notebook. As usual and as I make to my any computer, I added 5 partitions because 2 partitions are not sufficient for me. Later on, I had to use the recovery option for some reason and to test, but when I was booting by recovery button, it said the recovery partition is damaged  (not the exact wording) not the exact wording but similar words) and it did not recover. I started the notebook again and launched one button recovery on Windows. I selected "backup" , it said it can not backup on this laptop. I thought I deleted the recovery partition but after some research I found there is a hidden partition named pbr.dr as the last partition, starting with symbol "*" , and it is a GPT unused partition. So it was there and I thought may be the contents were deleted - but explored inside and it is not deleted? How can I reactivate and make reuseful this partition?

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