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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo G70-70 Windows OS; help needed...

-So, the problem is; My girlfriend owns a lenovo g70-70 laptop, which recently picked up some viruses and started to not work properly... So we decided to fully format it and installed windows 7 on it. Since then we are experiencing bunch of problems with drivers and other things. A lot of stuff actualy does not work. For example; card reader, for what we downloaded drivers i suppose correctly. We also had problems with wireless, somehow we managed to fix that, but it was not eazy at all. The sound, its updated and all of that, but still its so weak and low and needs much more quality as it was before.. We did try everything for it... So, my points is, Windows 7 basicly screwed the laptop up.. Is there any way i can get it back on previous OS (but we did, i think, permanently delted partition where was windows 8 originaly located, dont think so it can be done through some recovery). To back it up like through some producty key, if there is any.. Because it seems lenovo laptop does not function fully on any others OS. I want to mention that formating it caused a lot of troubles actualy, it took some time for use to figure it out, because it was not regular format, we had to read  every possible thread about error's we were expiriencing. So please guys, any solution may help. Is there way to get my lenovo work properly again. What do you recommend me to do? Thanks =)

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Re: Lenovo G70-70 Windows OS; help needed...

If you wiped the entire drive, you will need do download the Windows 8.1 install media from Microsoft, which is free to download here.    


If the system originally came pre-installed with Windows 8.1, the product key is stored in the BIOS, so you will not need one to reinstall, just skip by the part where it asks for the product key, and it will activate automatically once installed.


The other option, and probably the best one, is to call Lenovo Support at 877-453-6686 and order recovery media, which will install the Windows just the way it was when it was new, and include all of the original partitions, drivers and software that came with originally too, but they will probably charge you a fee for the recovery disk.    I think that in the EMEA region, you can download the recovery media, so if the link below does not work, you might search for Lenovo Recovery Media in you region.


Create installation media for Windows


Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service (DDRS)


Good Luck,


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo G70-70 Windows OS; help needed...

Hey thanks, i appreciate it a lot. 'Will try right now... I will let you know if i get stuck somewhere. Much love <3

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