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Lenovo G700 Driver not working, missing background, recycling bin with unusual contents

2017-09-20, 23:23 PM

I have been experiencing a few misc problems with this laptop and I am well aware that it is dying but I would like to know if any of this I can do a quick fix to help holding off till I finally can afford my gaming rig.


1. Restarting and shutting down can cause all audio and brightness control to no longer work. Usually after a a little while videos stop playing as well when audio goes out. Restarts usually a guarantee to do this when not fixing something. I go to device manager and unistall the audio parts and restart to fix that. I manually install a different driver to get my brightness control back whenever it stops working. I used to have this issue with my mic but that turned out to be damage from switching to windows 10 and back which is fixed now.


2. Background returned to windows 10 default as windows 8.1 . This only happened once but my background randomly changed from my game character to windows 10 default. Original picture was even missing from where I placed it. Re-downloaded and hasn't reverted back to windows 10 default background so far. Mostly curious if the picture randomly corrupted.


3. Random things in recycling bin. I randomly noticed StarCraft2 saves in my recycling bin. The problem is I had to google the game to even know what it is. Only thing I came up with is that maybe it's the account I'm using though I may be an idiot when it comes to this. As a handme down laptop I never bothered making a new profile and use it when logging in to the laptop and just been using the original. Been a couple years or more though and never had that happen.


I have had a friend go through my laptop using TeamViewer which I watched as he fixed my mic, helped make the laptop start faster, and a couple other things a while back. I have also downloaded MalwareBytes and scanned which it did come up with a "trojan" and a few odds and ends which I cleaned out recently. I am also having port issues but I have already come to the conclusion that I'm screwed in that department. 1 port of 3 is usable at a time usually and it seems to have trouble powering my wireless mouse during parts of games. That's something I will just deal with until I get my new rig. As I said I am well aware that this laptop is dying but figured I would try to see if there is anything I can do to prolong the life without spending cash I don't really have. I also have random .temp files in my downloads folder. Am I good to delete those? So thanks for viewing and/or helping out :smileyhappy:

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