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Lenovo G770 Horror Story...

Hey Guys,


Just going to share my latest experience with Lenovo.  Long time Lenovo customer here and quite frustrated...


In June I ordered a y560P and had an absolute nightmare trying to get a problem diagnosed and fixed in a reasonable time period, that I noticed shortly after purchase.  Took about 6 weeks for it to be repaired properly.  


Fast forward to Novemeber.  My parents are looking for a new computer.  I wait until Black Friday so I can get the best dea for theml.  I find a G770 (i5, 6GB RAM, 750GB HD) and make the purchase.  2 weeks later the computer arrives, or at least what I thought was the computer.  Turns out lenovo shipped the wrong one.  No problem, it happens.  I call in right away and make arrangements for the actual model to be sent out.  2 weeks later it arrives.  Right model, but the soundcard is defective.  I call into customer service, express my frustration and am told a rep from Customer Relations in NC will call me back to facilitate this situation.  I get a call from this rep, who expresses shes she's quite concerned and that she will have a new computer sent out, and this time I could send the defective one back after receiving the new one (this way my parents still have something to use in the meantime, as everything works on this current model except audio).  This is the first week on January.  I was told the computer would ship in in the next couple days and I should expect an email confirming shipping.  It's now January 21 and no email or coorespondance.  I call my contact at relations on the number she provided me, and of course their is no answer so I left a message.  No call back.  I call regular customer service and technical support, but they insist that since this is a relations matter, they are the only department that can help me.  I explain that I've left messages and have since not been contacted, and would like this matter dealt with sooner rather than later, as I originally placed this order at the end of Novemeber, and it is now the end of January and I STILL do not have a working product, despite hours spent on the phone attempting to get one.  Customer service tells me that the best she can do is send the entire relations department an email asking them to follow up with this matter and I should get a call back within 5 business days.  5 Business days!?!?!  So........I'm suppose to wait another week now just to talk to someone that can help me?  I've already waited going on 2 months for the product I've ordered, I guess customer satisfaction is low priority these days....


Needless to say I'm beyond frustrated with this.  I've used Lenovo products for going on 15 years and until 6 months ago, NEVER had a problem.  But in the last 6 months, it's legitimately been an absolute nightmare trying to get a product that works.  I've been jumping through hoops just to have this dealt with and sorted out, yet despite my best efforts, the problem still goes unresolved.  At this point, I just have my fingers crossed that my parents will have a working product in their hands by March.


Sorry for the rant, just had to get this off my chest.  As a long time lenovo customer, my confidence in this company has gone so far downhill in the last little while.  I don't think I will ever order from Lenovo again, it just isn't worth the headache if something goes wrong.  As someone that never would have made a claim like that prior to these mishaps, it really is quite sad that this is the current state of affairs.

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Re: Lenovo G770 Horror Story...



Sorry to hear things seem to have fallen through the cracks.  Can you sent me a PM with your customer relations case number and your contact details?


I'll check on the progress with our CR team and am confident that with their help that we get this resolved for you.


I do appreciate all your patience so far, and for working with us, and especially for speaking up here and letting us know that things are off track...


Best regards,


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