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I left my laptop switched on while it was connected to the internet and left it aside for a few minutes without it being charged nor plugged into the wall socket. I returned shortly (a few minutes) and 

the screen was off and the 2nd light was on with a red color. I tapped some keys to activate the screen but to no avail. I plugged the laptop to charge, and the light flickered. It soon became white, and still flickered. I switched it off and on a few times but nothing happened and the screen remained blank. When I switch it on, I hear a clicky sound and a second later the laptop shuts down. The screen doesn't show anything.



Try removing the battery and ac adapter and holding down the power button for about 10 seconds.  Do that about five times and then plug in just the AC adapter and try to start it up.  Leave the battery out.


This is called power purging.  It drains the voltage from the capacitors and resets everything.


The system probably exhibits these symptopms as it goes into hibernation mode due to a low battery levels..  Then the battery is completely drained and it shut itself down. Note that it is not recommended to have a machine do a hard shutdown while it's in hibernation. The success of bringing a computer back to life when that happens is not guaranteed.  


The above step is a last resort.


Getting a lithium battery to start charging again after it drains to zero is tough too.  It might or might not start charging again.


Shut it down clean and put the battery back in with the ac charger and turn it on and see if it starts charging.  If you don't get any percentage increase after about an hour, shut it down and run it without the battery until you get a new one.



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