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Punch Card
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Lenovo: What should i do?

This thread may need to be moved somewhere else, i'm not sure.

History, purchased laptop little over a month ago.  It crashed in the first day.  Called Lenovo and scheduled for them to pick it up.  They emailed a shipping label and had Fed ex pick it up.

After some time i get a call asking what i want to do and i say fix it.  They email me a week or so later and tell me it needs a cpu and a mother board and that the parts have been ordered.  At this point i'm a little concerned and starting to feel like i bought an inferior product (b590).

Some more time goes by and eventually i get an email telling me that the computer is not repairable and that they would like to replace it with another one.  Now i'm starting to feel better about things; and the replacement is better.

I email them back saying that this would be acceptable.

Up to this point has been probably a month in total..  I understand and feel like they are trying to get this resolved, and i am glad to be done with the original computer.  This replacement email by them was two nights ago.  Today fed ex shows up with a package from them that i needed to sign.  I did and come to find out it is the original laptop.

At this point i want nothing to do with the original product and feel like i chose an ingerior machine.  I did open the box and verified it was said computer, turned it on and it is no longer windows 7.  That was one of the reasons for getting it.  There were much better choices / value if i were  looking at windows 8 machines.

So basically i'm done with it.  It had a "welcome william" when starting it and a "click to activate windows" when i turned on the machine.  I did not click or do anything at that point and turned it off and put it back in the box.

I guess it's a case of buyers remorse, but after all the problems i have zero confidence in it and want either the machine they wanted to replace  it with or a refund.

Is this something i can do?   I have not had a day of use out of the computer.  It has been tied up with lenovo for the most part.

I may be out of line on what i want, but thought it best to see if someone from Lenovo could give me some advice on the forum here.


Punch Card
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎08-21-2012
Location: united states
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Re: Lenovo: What should i do?

Also, since the email with the replacement offer i have not had any luck getting in touch with the lenovo person either by email or their phone.  Just an answer machine where i left a message.

I guess i lost control over the situation when i signed for the machine today from fed ex.

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