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Paper Tape
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Lenovo - bad service

The motherboard of my new Lenovo G530 failed 36 days after purchase. It was purchased in Namibia, Southern Africa. I was told that a new motherboard has to come from Europe. It was returned to the Windhoek supplier on 9 September  2009 and today, 15 October 2009, I was told that they do not know when the part will arrive. So, I've been without computer for 35 days. Is it normal to expect bad service from Lenovo? Can I expect the warranty to be extended due to the delay in receiving parts? New Lenovo G530's are freely available. Why don't they simply replace it with a new one? I will dissuade everybody I know to buy a Lenovo computer for this reason.

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Re: Lenovo - bad service



Thanks for sharing your story - I would hope that since you've joined to share the situation that there is an opportunity to help and restore your confidence.  I apologize for the delay that you have experienced !


Please send me a private message with your contact information - name, address, phone, and the serial number from your system and I will get some help for you.


Best regards,




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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo - bad service

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Hi Mark


The serial number of my Lenovo G530 is xxxxxxxxI hope that is correct, because I returned it in the original packaging.


It was purchased from Demarec Solutions cc, P.O. Box 146, Tsumeb, Namibia for the amount of N$10 630-00. The wholesaler was Pinnacle Micro Namibia (Pty)Ltd, Windhoek, Namibia. Tel: ++264-249478, address Box 97274, Windhoek. The purchase date was 3 Aug 2009 and it was returned on 10 September 2000, because it couldn't be switched on.


Everytime I call Pinnacle, they say they're still waiting for a new motherboard that has to come from Europe and that it will take 10-11 days. They have never called me out of their own. I bought the notebook because I needed it urgently. I cannot do my work without it. The irritating part is that they just advertised the G530 for the low price of N$4000, so they should have stock in Windhoek.


It is seriously annoying, to say the least, to be treated in this way. I hope this puts all future buyers of Lenovo products in Namibia off.


Estelle Oosthuysen

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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo - bad service

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Hi Mark


I don't know how to send a personalised message to you, but herewith then my details:




Lenovo G530 Serial no.: xxxxxxx

moderator note: adress and serial deleted.

G530 please click on Marks Name. This will lead you to his profile, on the right you´ll see,

the sentence "send this user a private message" click on it and send Mark your details with a PM.

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Re: Lenovo - bad service

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hi Mark. Perhaps you could help me too. i am from Lesotho in Southern Africa. your audio driver for WIN XP for model g530 4446 tells me that there is no media device found on my laptop. please ask your company to make available a driver that works not the one you currently have. i have spent hundreds of Rands trying to download a compatible driver from your website in vain........


email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you can.

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