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Lenovo g50-30 sudden crash

Hi everyone!


I bought a new lenovo g50-30 (i am not sure about the correct serial but maybe like this or similar: g5030116aus).
My problem is that if start a newly installed offical win 8.1 with basic options after a 20-30 min using the laptop going to black screen, and crashes. Restarting and the win 8.1 loading again. Sometimes it`s stops just after the booting, sometimes after 5 minute using win 8.1. One time I`d like to use the music player with headphones and the OS stopped  and the headphones gave me a scratching, annoying noise.
I tried with an my old win 7 OS from my old laptop (yes I know should install a new but I hadn`t much time). Same problem, especially if tried to run videogames.  I installed the basic drivers like amd vga driver, lan and wlan driver etc, so the win 7 worked fine. But I started a R6V2 (rainbow six vegas 2)  and stopped after starting. Second time stopped after I quited from a the game.

My question: Have anyone same problem and could give good solution to fix the problem?
Second: Could be a problem, that I laying in my bed, and moving my laptop then it crashes because of denting the inner parts?
Sorry for my english I am not good at that. Smiley Happy


Thx for the help

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