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Paper Tape
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Lenovo g505s wifi far too slow

I was wondering if i could get some help as i'm going out of my mind with this laptop.


Ever since i bought it (over a year ago) i have been struggling with wifi. The inbuilt wifi is about as useful as a wet paper bag, it will disconnect periodically and barely get above 1mb download (i have a 100mb package). I figured i would try it with a USB dongle, but even with that i barely get above 4mb, i can load sites faster on my phone than i can on my laptop.


Normally I would take it back and never touch a lenovo again, unfortunatley my waranty period has expired after being unable to use the laptop for nearly a year due to family troubles.


With the release of Windows 10 and updates to the wifi I thought i'd give it another chance. Installed Win10 and all new drivers, and once again 1mb with laptop wifi, 4mb with usb dongle.


So can anyone please help me with this god awful wifi before i tear my hear out and throw the laptop in the bin?




Frustrated Robeus.




Mod's Comment: In regards to your second posting. This is a peer to peer support forum so assistance may not come right away.

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